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Rolling Stone described Gorilla vs. Bear as “among the first to get behind buzzed-about artists like White Denim and Santogold, and its year-end best lists feel like guides to next year’s artists to watch.” It has been named as Filter Magazine‘s 2006 “Blogger of the Year”,[citation needed] The Morning News‘s 2007 “mp3 Blog of the Year”, Rolling Stone’s “Best in Rock”, URB.com‘s “Best Music Blog” of 2008, and one of The Independent‘s “25 Best Music Websites”.[3][5][6] as our newest entry with replayed.org

The New York Times Lens Blog featured Gorilla vs. Bear’s Polaroids in August 2010. In April 2011, the site was nominated “Best Independent Music Blog” by MTV’s OMA Music Awards. In 2012 we had 7  finalists and have regarded replayed.org amongst the best on the web with lots more to offer in the future for sure in blog” content, music and voice.

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Hello friends,

Thank you all so kindly for all your support and love back at ya forever!
THESE POSTS ARE ACTUAL LIVED OUT EXSPIERIENCES And all people in there of I have had direct or indirect contact with thus far in life.
This is a place for Elders,  Adults, Parents, Youth, Children and professional people alike to visit often and as needed for general excitement added hope for personal life     projects/music updates,worldly concerns and dialog with our readers.


Concert Dates,Times,Events and there locations around the world that I will be playing for you to share via skype from your computer or just usual media in 2013 with a comment that will define the outcome of our gift. So I will say thank you write along and now.

What does this site offer for you?

1. A place to possibly re- discover your self

2. A life changing experience while not alone

3. A chance to be validated from others re: your comments based on spiritual principals and your life’s own experience in a blog forum

4. An opportunity to ask me to send you a free song or what the heck a whole album from the music page N/C any time via email at glennloft@hotmail.com

5. An finally a chance to find your own medium in life while there is a constant waiting for you here.

 In the meantime, hope life is treating you well!

Welcome back Folks!


What do you and I have to do to make it as a musician?

Or for that matter anything we have a passion for successfully while feeling acceptance from our peers and colleges?

When life ends and were given another chance. Musicians are so heart felt about good graces and musical enthusiasm. My experience as a writer of music and a person who feels the grove first from a fine instrument. Opens the heart and mind to a level of transparency that is rewarded with applause and humour. As we Musicians are constantly up for review. The critics are varied based on demographic. And for the faint of heart? Can be wrong in there view based on the own ability to develop an artist who just knocked on the wrong door. I remember a family reunion with Colonel Saunders Mr Chicken Man him self. Siting with our family at the Old Mill Restaurant in Toronto when I was seven. I knew that my fathers twin brother liked chicken. As I believe at the time there were a few franchises in the family. What I did not expect was with out an introduction to the old guy and with my 12 other cousins with me that day and all the family .
That out of no were a voice was directed to from a Rather Large Man in a white suit saying, You be good young man.

At seven with my first guitar in tow. I guesstimate that was 43 years ago and that I was to be a Donny Osmond or maybe a Micheal Jackson. As life’s lessons moved forward. I found my niche and into the teen age years I was going to be Neil Young. And you know what I sure could emulate his voice and strum a tune by thirteen. So many of us are influenced by the Gordon Light Foots and John Denver’s and Neil Young’s Elvis Presley or John Lennon’s of the world. As we artist,s at heart can not be some one else unless some one shows us how to perform such an act. With our identities striped of any real individual development. I found my self lost in a sea of dreams and unrealistic expectations. By the time twenty five rolled around I was an over-achiever and getting away with it while still not knowing who Glenn was.
Self Medication

Some of us medicate our sorrows in fine life style . While lets get real here .Other dream seekers take a budget ride. Either way in the end when enough is enough. My experience put on paper and to music is and still is a journey of ones individual life experience, reflected forward that determines the out come of a great song.
The start of a Musicians carrier

Recently I was being advised from a mentor to press forward and knock on some door,s with my recipe for Chicken Gone Wild. Musically speaking. While the best answer I could muster up from the highest of on high in the booking agent side of the music industry was. Management and a great show will determine the out come of your success. So what was that I asked myself?
What about the music?
The artist?
And the individual who branded him self a star of the ages?
Surrendering it all up for review again?

Well for any of us whether were the very best actually, or in our enthusiastic vessel? Just ourselves! Is it not a daunting challenge for any self directed person who has lived that far to actually have some one at the top of the Music industry give us a few good words and his or her time? That mat be true or not so.

Words? As we artists or not put to paper and add music and one may find ones true self was what I was hearing.

Find a place to give back that makes a mesh with ones life experience.
While now its been my experience that we will attract the people in our lives regardless of a recording contract or super gig that with make us feel like we have accomplished the impossible and finally found a buyer for a song from my previous recipe.
Some at 99 cents from the web while others at 99 million while climbing a mountain of notes.
I have truly found!

Its ok to be me and allow those listeners to be them. While finally accepting myself and not influencing other artists that they need to sound or act like some one else in a cover band.

As in the end in my humble view as be all are lowered back down to earth .

Its about good clean energy and our journey to what we believe and feel is like the top of the music chain eyes opened or closed.
Given of course a second chance by good Graces to play for a listener who likes what they hear.

Chins up every one. All these talents and gifts we have are very real. As we may need to take a look inside instead of a listen our own voice in the heart of it at times.
That being said!
My View:

Keep it polished clean and expressed in a voice with a show of charity that changes lives for the good of our own healthy ego musically and methodically.
Have we all made it then?
You betcha

TALK TO ME FOLKS Im writing for you
*If time permits please review my music I recorded 7 years past  I have also written lyrics and music  for  5 more albums  for release to a Label of  choice pending sales of my older  mixed demographic attached to this site

As the pictures leave the Mystery!  As we are all part off the history  with you and us as a one way ticket from start to ?


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Canada’s Top Activists collaborate > Nothing to Hide_Stop Bill C-51

Recently I started a journey to the stage with my music and  as an activist with  attitude on climate change and social values

Here is one recipe to that end. >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CGsYSohMgv4



There are those that must stay with in the boundaries of speech as there cariers are focused on leadership and praise and as many prefer to stay with in a comfort zone of safety while also concerned

We all wonder at various times in our lives what is it that truly interests us and how may I express this in a way that is none threatening and or evasive.

There’s are always as to my own self a critic of truth and justice continually looking at what it takes to make a comment or action stick while having it heard and also leave an effect on peoples lives that leads to positive change.

There are others that say they will  within the act of integrity and follow through follow up responsibly and stay focused until history and or a simple constant is acquired. We are attracted to those such people of course!

I can recall many experience’s from time with various leaders in Canada and in the U.S.A. While my favorite is the relationship with Obama for America and there simple request to use this site that best expresses a unitized approach to a best possible outcome and view while moving forwards together as a world. That in its own was the highlight of my life other than the birth of my three children. An honor and privilege a regular folk as to my self is.

President Obama and I once mailed each other on the gun issue in America both sharing our Countries appreciation for the hunt and how we use a riffle to feed our need for wild meat. The time in the wilderness one can acquire a taste for simply walking and reflecting quietly while talking the time to implement a new view of belief there after a careful review of our own intensions , actions and integrity

For it is with in our own selves that we find this freedom of expression and the chance that also brings new growth

I later received an email from the Premiers office here in British Columbia Canada while asked how I may assist as well using my web site when I blog or write

This created a large draw on Google and a result that leaves people feeling that we have found a common place of neutrality and calm for a brief moment while together that for some opens a new creative value and belief that just may be the recipe for what we all might just need. Or so we think

Yes creation of all things human that can harm our integrity while moving forwards and through our lives quietly sits waiting for us to stumble onto as well.

Its not often we are blessed with the privilege of dialoging with people that bring it all to the table in area of sport, art, music community business ,and a Political arena while holding and retaining a commanding presence with in our world as an ecological activist as I choose to be for only one true and honest reason

We found someone that really new how to sell it and not have to worry sleeplessly at night that what we did and said and bought into is not going to unravel before our eyes and cause anyone one person place  organization and our country or world grief.

I did not come back to my site for years as I really had no idea as to how I could help such a person as the President of a country or leader with in my own life’s experience as a sales person, actor, musician and father by simply looking with in my own heart as it was hardened from disappointment many a time and an unexpected reality that my past can effect my future and if  I chose not to remain fit healthy and strong not I might just loose the ability to realize as explained there are many eroded attacks on us all in life and people are not meant to be perfect

Recently as I told President Obama that he must in my observation be himself a bit more every day  and consider not having to rely on so many people advising him on affair’s that are easily expressed  with in his own ability based on many years of law and political expression to lead. Based on his own experience with in  a frame work of oppuirtuinity, and just stay the course not wavering regardless of the outcome as he does and as I believe is happening

Risk and reward in life in my humble view is acquired only from taking a step out of our own comfort zone and being able to be ok with it regardless of the outcome

Being good at what we do is acquired consistently in our lives by practice and only but for one reason were we where persistent and had a passion for that  there would be the bringing of change and new growth personally

I also believe we are all activists and have a passion and preference for carrier, life, style, and community like it and or not

In closing I feel I have been blessed with many of my readers to share with so much and many of the qualities spoken to as while regardless of the beatings and disappointments along the way through life. I just keep getting back up on the horse and count the people every day that have moulded me into the person I have become, while remaining grateful I am still here to share it with you enthusiastically!

Glenn David Loft's photo.Post created by :

Glenn David Loft>replayed.org


The most vigorous form of community are those that come together in the context of a shared ordeal or those that define themselves as a group with a mission that lies beyond them selves
– thus initiating a risky journey. Too much concern with safety and security , combined with comfort and convenience , has lulled us out of our true calling and purpose,”
Glenn David Loft
Here’s a song from my bass Player Chase Black Stone enjoy!




The best I can do for a woman as a Man

Here are 10 things I  tell every woman on the search for a happier, more youthful life.

1. Cut out sugar.

If you have the desire to get old in a hurry, sugar is your answer. From white sugar, brown sugar, and raw sugar to glucose and dextrose, this inflammatory ingredient with many names will put your blood sugar on a roller coaster, leaving you tired, confused, and overweight. It’s also the enemy of collagen, contributing to tired, saggy, more wrinkled skin. Cut refined sugar from your diet and you’ll feel a noticeable difference on the inside and the outside.

2. Eat chocolate everyday.

Yes, you read that right! You know the level of happiness when your mind is clear and your body fantastic? That is the power of chocolate. Choose a dark chocolate anywhere from 85% cocoa to raw and enjoy 25 grams daily (the equivalent of about two small squares of chocolate), reaping the happiness benefits of polyphenol and other super ingredients.

Raw cacao beans are also a great way to reap the benefits of chocolate. Sprinkle crushed beans on your natural yogurt or skyr (a fantastic dairy treat from my homeland of Iceland!), or blend it into a smoothie.

3. Don’t exercise too much.

We all know that exercise is great. It strengthens our bodies and our minds, getting us closer to youthfulness. The body is designed to be in motion, jumping, climbing, running, swimming, dancing and stretching into all kinds of poses. But what many people don’t know about exercise is that sometimes less is more.

Even 20 minutes of cardiovascular exercise most days of the week will give you noticeable benefits, and when it comes to lifting heavy loads, short bursts of activity are more effective and lead to fewer injuries. Too much prolonged exercise can produce oxidative stress that produces inflammation — a no-no for turning back the clock.

4. Get plenty of “sexercise.”

Sure, running, jumping, swimming and stretching are all essential to looking and feeling younger, but one of the most natural ways to achieve a more youthful glow is through the workout you get in the bedroom.

The combination of touch, passion, deep breath, movement and connective feelings with yourself and/or your partner, release signaling molecules, nitric oxide, and endorphins that brighten skin and relax the mind.

5. Clear negative thoughts.

Those negative thoughts and affirmations you make throughout the day about yourself, your work, or those around you are food for your body and mind. These powerful messages will be read and registered in the brain and you’ll see their effects every time you look in the mirror. Turning thoughts to a more positive, optimistic tone can take some practice, so while you’re learning, fake it until you make it!

6. Don’t be afraid of the sun.

Coming form a country where the sun shines all day and all night during the summer and only shows herself two hours a day during winter, my relation is a special one. Many people are afraid of the sun today, and with good reason. The risks of skin cancer and aging are real and should be taken seriously. The sun is your friend, but she must be respected!

The thinning ozone layer has made us more vulnerable, and the lack of antioxidants from greens and vegetables, good fats, and healthy proteins puts us even more at risk. The fact is, along with a good sunscreen, you can eat your way to defense from the inside out, so you can be able to safely enjoy the sun and all of her benefits.

7. Eat your way to harmonious hormones.

The word “hormones” often conjures up visions of PMS or menopause, but the truth is, there are dozens of hormones playing vital roles in our everyday lives and they affect the way we look and feel. Hormones affect weight, digestion, growth, pregnancy, bones, energy and so much more. Imagine them as instruments in a symphony orchestra, each tuned to play the same piece of music. If one or two instruments aren’t tuned you suddenly have a lousy performance. The key to maximizing your hormone activity is balance.

Start with eating more of the good fats from fatty fish and quality vegetable oils, cruciferous vegetables such as kale and broccoli, and lignans from flax and sesame seeds. If needed, consider adding quality supplements for hormone balance such as magnesium citrate, green tea, sage tea, and licorice root.

8. Drop the fat-free lifestyle and do as we Icelandic people do: fill your fridge with healthy organic vegetable oils, nuts and fatty fish.

You’ll reap the time-stopping benefits in several fabulous ways, including a healthy production of hormones, a superb metabolism, a loving heart, flexible joints, well-functioning mucous membranes (hello sexercise!), and a superb immune defense.

9. Eat lots of protein. It’s a beauty food!

In Europe, I’m known as the “smoothie queen” as every day of my life starts with a protein-rich breakfast shake, which controls my blood sugar level and weight, and increases my energy and muscle mass. It’s tasty, homemade, and nutritionally balanced, and by making it myself I’m practicing self-love. (See below for one of my favorite recipes!)

Another vital benefit of protein is its ability to fight mental plagues that make us feel old, like depression and mood swings. Add organic eggs, chicken, almonds, tofu, chia seeds and goat cheese to your diet throughout the rest of the day and feel your energy levels rise.

10. Smile at the world.

If you want more joy in your life that shines through your face and skin, smile at the people you meet in the street, the woman sitting beside you on the bus, or standing next to you in line at the airport. Take it a step further and add more spontaneous laughter to your day … and if nothing is funny, make it up!

RECIPE: Enjoy this with a smoothie in the morning!

Glenn with the Odds at Sam Sullivan's Disability Foundations 25th Vancouver Can.

Glenn with the Odds at Sam Sullivan’s Disability Foundations 25th Vancouver Can.

25 Things People do to enjoy life and success

Who among us doesn’t want to be a happy, healthy and successful human being? Still, it can be easy to lose your way, which is why I’ve compiled a list of habits you can use to help reach your goals.
So what is it about happy people that makes them the way they are? Below are just some of the ways they separate themselves from the rest of the crowd.
1. They don’t hold grudges.
2. They think outside of the box.
3. They go by a routine and make exercise a part of it. It takes practice to develop healthy habits and stick with them. Once you do, your internal foundation will be strong.
4. They have a supportive tribe, thereby not wasting time with negative or toxic people.
5. They don’t care about what other people think. Does a tiger lose sleep over the opinion of sheep?
6. They don’t people please.
7. They see difficult and challenging situations as opportunities for personal growth.
8. They consider handling rejection a skill and are resilient.
9. They make time for themselves. Whether it’s getting eight hours of sleep every night, finding 15 minutes to read the newspaper in peace or an hour to go to the gym, they make it a priority — just like everything else. When you take care of yourself, you have a bigger impact on others.
10. They are spiritual. This doesn’t necessarily mean religious. It could mean setting aside time for reflection through yoga or meditation.
11. They practice deep breathing.
12. They know there isn’t such a thing as “having it all,” and they’re happy about that. Wouldn’t the world be a boring place for them otherwise?
13. Fear doesn’t hold them back. They’re ready to take risks.
14. They know how to say “NO,” and don’t hold back. These people have learned to set boundaries. Plenty of them.
15. They learned a great deal from other people whom they admire. Either they had a great mentor, or they took note of how those they aspired to be like handled various situations.
16. They follow their inner guidance. Not only do they have a vision, but they follow it.
17. They give without expecting anything in return.
18. They aren’t pretentious or conceited.
19. Passion is what drives them. They authentically believe in what they’re doing.
20. They don’t complain.
21. They live by their core values in both their professional and personal lives.
22. They’re happy to swim against the tide.
23. They finish what they start.
24. They don’t compare themselves to other people.
25. They want you to succeed, too.
Glenn David Loft  GetAttachment Spencer and I

Recording Artists

Last year in Bryan Adams Studio here in Vancouver I recorded a collaboration Album with people whom use there music to help others with Disabilities It was partly Mastered and produced while we where there at the Warehouse Recording Studio in conjunction with The Disability Foundation,s 25 th year and Anniversary in celebration of music and the Featured Artists involved Our Founder and Previous Mayor of Vancouver His Honorable and Grace Sam Sullivan


I recorded my Music with Bryan Adams Drummer Patrick Steward and the band The Odds with support of Shore 104 FM hear in Vancouver Canada and all the Big recording studio,s in the City that offered to assist and add value to the product and Brand

Here is an inside brief look at Bryan Adams Studio some-ones-intention1477393_547935835294931_1269253707_n11181545883_4ab5c61f8c_hBryan Adams Studio Vancouver CanadaStudio2LoungeExitFix

Bryan Adams

Bryan Adams


Democrasy, Human Wrights, Social Justice!



Field Manager B.C. Liberial Party

Mr. Mark Robertson

Hi Mark I was approached by the White House asking for idea,s regarding the Fiscal Cliff

Maybe this message below as an additional action plan would secure Christi Clark’s future. I hope there is a dividend on this stock in return.  Warm Regards and lots of Love to our Premier as I make my voice heard.


Senior advisor to the White House: Mr David Plouffe

President Obama

In the past as a Canadian writer for Obama For America I realized that we Canadian’s and our Friends to the South are one family one nation and one continent of with out the ability to dialog with empathy and validate while receiving trust and extended hands towards our selves and with each other adding strength based on spiritual principals? That even our differences in population would become an issue eventually over the large amount of resources needed from Canada given at a premium discount to our family in need. These thoughts broadened out ward and on to others are and can be the beginnings of a more mutual respectful and loving relationship between our two countries. As one must be a good neighbour to the other in need of support if to have a continued life of hope love while allowing growth for others A man or woman who has a voice and is passionate about Democracy Human rights and Social justice are the people who give us the creative awareness and idea’s that make sense and are are worth a second look as Jeremy Bird taught me. Of with my response to you Mr Vice President set a precedence of using one word to Change all of America confidence that I used in a song I wrote for the Men and woman fighting in Afghanistan > Forward…………. As I’m a personally a united team player and of a smaller part of though I contributed for an new constant and continue today.
I myself this day right here and now in the heart of hearts knowing what we know and as we have all seen in the way we have treated the Earth and our selves based on old values and principals while needing Now! a serious moral and united inventory nationally. One may not consider it such a bothersome task for the rich and not to make a once a year contribution to a fund, based on income Personally and Corporately in to the Federal Reserve that as a public fund can be utilized to balance the economy sooner and very possible this light being seen as true. While the White House holds the leash of the new Walls Street on the block. That’s its exchange would require a quick very few words of with a new written Policy for our lawmakers pallet of appetites’.
Dates and Projections are fine to bring closure to the thinkers and policies and lawmakers of America. Though in thinking of others I believe this model of business is getting a little stale and old as we need a new action plan now.
And as so in hopes that the public will buy in .Though this process I do consider from our pasts a dinosaur and we and with in my humble Vision all need to giddy up Jump back on the very essence of what we all have been gifted with from birth in action as one team.
That will create sustainable enjoyable long term employment And many new small and large businesses with in the America’s to sustain the United deficit of our countries and the world as a new model and approach to growth and trust in all countries
For my self as a corporate analyst and public official in regards to my calling mentioned at the top of the letter I recently came up with an idea I shared with my business coach were Honourable Jay M Cohan and Congressman Curt Weldman sit on our board with our financial founder His Honorable Strato Malamas of ECRYPT Securities while as an example in opposite of Mark Zuckenburg of Face Book who with out my permission skated around my idea to increase his stock share and the issues at hand I speak of when the price of his stock dropped and I offered help, as were I believe he took my idea and designed his own app to stimulate some economic mild growth and some employment with in the USA on Face Book. This Reminds me of his co-founder who is no more involved as Mark seems to want to sadly take all the credit.
Well as for myself a 51 year old business person I was less than impressed and feel though as of yet I have not seen the app. That a young self willed Mark needs to listen when some one wants to help instead of act based on a simple platform of business development were he has limited political experience and connections with no end goal other that his stock prices rising possibly with in his corporation in his site regarding the whole of the world he reaches out to, let alone our two countries of more importance currently. As corporate greed does and did not work.
Living in British Columbia Canada Currently gives me the ability to say! This province in Canada has the lowest tax rate with in all our provinces. And were coming to California to ask you all if 25000 or more skilled trade workers would mind coming up to help us as in your situation regarding jobs we don’t have enough of theses people to stimulate further growth in our province or in all off Canada as were only 33 million neighbours  from the North with endless potential an open-mindedness to development.
If President Obama and your self David would like a hand up based on a simple philosophy of ethics that include work and job generated income for the USA. As personally I love my Mayor’s pre and post of with I’m involved with and with our Liberal Parties current Premier Christi Clark’s and field Manager Mark Robertson who’s Miss Clark’s job action plan speaks for its self.
You all whom I consider my extended family are welcome to get back to me asap as time is running out on the fiscal cliff In hopes we can gain and rise up and renew the confidence of all Americans in there abilities to use there creative outlets, hearts and soles in rebuilding the economy of the Worlds new Model and approach for the United States of America to Champion. While using a simple communicative White House approved Web site similar to Face Book called “#######” that designates and puts people into a place were they can be heard respected and valued for there talents and many gifts of with that has been given freely to them. Not only from birth but also from what they have experienced thus far and hoped for along. TO BE “PART OF” THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICAS FIRST FAMILY. As we may all continue truthfully to consider that a privilege with in  the respect that comes back to all and of its energy created from above. A s I believe is currently unfounded  and as of yet!
Thus: A greater more diversified unilaterally acceptable in “trust” United States of America and Canada for our futures together. I’m here for us please call any time for the app, web design with a simple effective business Job action model and plan.
Thank you for letting me in and to be part of the solution with Obama for America and the First Family at home. God Bless America

Warm Regards

Glenn David Loft


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Glenn David Loft (gl12:37 AM
To: webeditor@straight.com
I release my findings ruling the public there would be a back log of traffic so long in the courts Justice as we know it would need to recess .Not a good way to keep friends Warm Regards Glenn David L
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To: webeditor@straight.com (webeditor@straight.com)
I release my findings ruling the public there would be a back log of traffic so long in the courts Justice as we know it would need to recess .Not a good way to keep friends
Warm Regards Glenn David Loft replayed.org

    • : Gregor Robertson Vision Vancouver
My part in the work in the Supreme Court while other peoples projecting an other city do not reflect this demographic like we have here in Vancouver while one may consider focusing on there own part o
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From: Glenn David Loft (glennloft@hotmail.com)You moved this message to its current location.
Sent: November-02-12 12:28:44 AM
To: dshane@simpsonthomas.com (dshane@simpsonthomas.com)
Cc: Gregor Robertson Vision Vancouver (gregor.robertson@votevision.ca)
Bcc: Earl Huff Property Manager COHO (ehuff@coho.bc.ca); Christy Clark First Mom (premier@gov.bc.ca)
My part in the work in the Supreme Court while other peoples projecting an other city do not reflect this demographic like we have here in Vancouver while one may consider focusing on there own part of. Would of been nice if he had of mentioned us advocates and social justice inquirers that are the main reason for change after all Gregor is always asking me for help and suggestions While I conduct my safe housing initiative with counsel and the courts to assist in helping the marginalized uneducated and deserving of fairness and justice regarding the Ministry of Families that is tide into the  Residential Tenancy Board and there rulings that I feel need amending in kind.
Warm Regards Glenn David Loft

Online rental database set to launch in Vancouver in January 2013

Vancouver city council voted earlier this year in favour of setting up an online rental database. The initiative is now set to go live in January 2013.

Stephen Hui
By Yolande Cole, October 31, 2012
An online database of Vancouver rental properties with bylaw violations is set to go live early next year. Prompted by a motion approved by city council last January, the initiative is intended to provide renters with more information about properties around the city, according to Vancouver’s director of licences and inspections, Will Johnston. “There’s two objectives to this: one is to motivate property owners and landlords to keep their properties in good order for renters, and also assist renters by giving them more information so they can make more informed decisions about rental properties in the city,” Johnston told the Straight by phone. Tenants will be able to search the database by address or by buildings with outstanding bylaw violations. Information that will be listed online will include the property address, the landlord or property owner’s name, and any unresolved violations. Violations that have been resolved within the last 12 months will also be listed. Johnston noted Vancouver’s database was influenced by models used in both Toronto and New York City. “Toronto’s focus is providing the public with information on bylaw violations for all rental properties, whereas with New York City their focus seems to be basically identifying landlords who have problem buildings. And we’ve done a combination of both,” he explained. The database will include about 70,000 of Vancouver’s 131,000 rental units, Johnston noted. That includes licensed residential rental buildings with five or more units, single-room occupancy hotels, purpose-built rental housing, non-marking housing, and supportive housing units. Both privately and publicly-owned units will be incorporated. The initial phase of the database will not include housing types such as residential rental buildings with fewer than five units, single-family and laneway housing, secondary suites, co-ops, and duplexes. Johnston said the city did a mail-out to property owners with outstanding violations to inform them of the database, and held a workshop with landlords, owners, not-for-profit providers, and tenant associations. “What we wanted to do was make sure they were aware of what we were doing, let them know that their building would be identified, and I think more importantly, give them an opportunity to clean up any outstanding violations that they have and schedule re-inspections before the database goes live,” he said. The city has seen the number of outstanding violations decrease since informing property owners of the launch. As of August 30, the total number of outstanding bylaw violations listed was about 4,300, and 373 buildings were included. As of October 25, the number of buildings listed with outstanding violations was 232, according to Johnston. Bylaw violations related to standards of maintenance, fire, building, electrical, plumbing, gas, sewer, sign, tree protection, untidy premises, zoning, and development will be included in the database, while violation types such as graffiti and noise will not be included. Johnston noted the database will measure the number of violations, but will not indicate the severity of the infractions. The database will go live on January 15, 2013 and will be accessible through the City of Vancouver’s website. REPLAYED.ORG HUNTER LITIGATION JUDICIAL INQUIRERS AND ITS RULINGS COMPLETED = A NEW CONSTANT Oral reasons available Vancouver Supreme Court Registry More Than A Roof Mennonite Housing Society VS Glenn David Loft

Depressed No More

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How To Keep Your Depressive disorder Symptoms From Increasing


Dealing with depressive disorders will make women and men feel like their planet is finishing. Visiting a psychiatrist or getting prescription medicines might not be alternatives you intend to check out.

Dealing with depression symptoms can be produced less complicated by using a assistance class. Having a conversation with others which can be frustrated is helpful. Many people can display you new things in regards to the condition, and assist you to learn how to handle your despression symptoms.

Tend not to rely on a crutch to eradicate your despression symptoms. Lots of people select alcoholic drinks to help ease depression. Although this may well help you feel excellent, it is just subsiding your major depression briefly.

Sometimes receiving sympathy from family and friends can frequently help gas your awful conduct if one makes you think that regardless of what you need to do those family will usually forgive you. It’s healthier that you can focus on getting optimistic and also to avoid property around the unfavorable issues in your own life.

Should your mood is nearing adverse, make sure you consume 3 dishes each day. Depression could cause appetite loss, but heading with out foods can contribute to on-going depressive disorder and fewer enthusiasm in addition to. If you are eating improperly and not getting ample energy daily, it can make it actual hard for your body to use appropriately. If you eat regularly, the body receives the electricity it may need that will help you feel great mentally and physically.

To defeat major depression, you have to be realistic. Consider the goals and anticipations you have in your lifetime, and in case they are not sensible, you have to fine-tune them to ensure they carrying this out. Wanting things which are not likely to happen, or seeking to have the extremely hard, will simply cause you to dissatisfied. This may cause you to come to be additionally stressed out.

Lithium tablets and Cymbaltas There is no other for the medium. GDL

Diet regime might be a factor in your signs and symptoms of despression symptoms. Processed foods could have a depressive effect on considered designs, causing you to believe that you are in a loop without any way to avoid it of your signs you’re experiencing. Try out avoiding fattening food items to enjoy a lot more healthfully.

Take into account scheduling an appointment to discover a psychological counselor. Interventions that combine prescription drugs and therapy typically produce achievement within the treatment of major depression. Incorporating these 2 types of treatment options is way better than making use of anyone 1. Prescription drugs operates by controlling the sudden mindset downswings, when therapy can help to workout your problems that lead to depressive disorder.

Do things step-by-step. Depression can make it sense extremely hard or overpowering to get almost everything done all at one time. Should you focus on taking little methods and making small changes in your life, it’s not even close to as overwhelming on you, and it’ll be simpler to perform your desired goals.

An antidepressant is great at rejuvenating the total amount of chemical substances within the human brain to their optimum levels. Even so, if you would like normalcy reconditioned in your life, it’s also wise to physical exercise and take part in therapy.

Help launch hormones in your head with exercise. Brain hormones can be a stimulant that increases your mood. Merely by getting out of bed and relocating, you can definitely find your despression symptoms works well for reducing up immensely. A really high vitality exercise routine provides you with the best results. The exercise can help alleviate your symptoms and enhance your state of health.

Having a record to exhibit your sensation in in many cases are very cathartic. You might feel much better when you express your feelings inside a record. Documenting your feelings also permits you to acknowledge achievable styles.

Workout has advantages beyond just your wellbeing. One of many advantages of exercising may be to help cope with depression symptoms. Benefiting from exercise is a wonderful way to help keep you focused entirely on some thing aside from your depressive disorder. Exercising releases hormones to the method, improving disposition and lowering unwanted pressure. Creating and sticking with a regular exercise program will help you to fight depression symptoms on a regular basis.

When you are unemployed, you’ll be able to sometimes sense depressed. If you are the sole earner with the family members or perhaps the one which adds, reduced earnings can demonstrate nerve-racking and all of-encompassing. The economic problems boost the anxiety of trying to locate a new job and supplying for your family members.

When you have observed inside the above ideas, there is lots of information you may attain well before looking for solution for the depression symptoms and it is this knowledge, in addition to the help of your doctor, that will help increase your symptoms. Fit everything in you need to to identify a therapy that works for you.

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Canadian Northern Gateway

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This system is operated by the National Energy Board. Livelink ® Version 9.0.0, Copyright © 1995-2001 Open 

Sustaining a minimal carbon footprint in the world is the only way to ensure the survival of Man Kind

I was recently asked out by the B.C Liberal party to see how I might help

The best points of interest for me was in the science and construction off the pipe line in the making  of a more flexible pipe line to maintain less or no leakage Possible and inner and out shell

In respect to the clear cutting of the trees As we take one down we must plat two in return

I was hoping above a larger percentage of the revenues from Alberta for B.C that the pipe line contract would include a 60 year lease to the native community the pipe line ran through in and out of there communities And they be responsible for monitoring and general security and maintenance.

I have had extensive thought and time with Vision Vancouver and Gregor Robertson’s agenda to review various Carbon Neutral waste management proposals from coal replacement wood  brickets in high level furnace turbine eclectic manufacturing to sustaining a clear air medium for the furure while we c seem to have a need to burn fossil fuels Have been in contact with Premier Christi Clark who is the only Voice I believe that can maker the difference with in these projects that run through and around the Western part of Canada.

Science is the only answer to sustainability and careful revue with in its contexts are mandatory

The truth to the matters on the table are in fact that based on the flexibility of the pipelone and its construction to gaurantee no leakage will be the determining factors as a guide kine of talks and negotiations with all concerned in harmony with Mother Earth her self

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Obama for America Volunteer

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Enbridge Northern Gateway Project Joint Review Panel>gatewaypanel.review-examen.gc.ca


Raised a powerful girl

How do you raise a powerful girl and

what does that mean?

Powerful girls grow up feeling secure in themselves. They learn to take action, making positive choices about their own lives and doing positive things for others. They think critically about the world around them. They express their feelings and acknowledge the feelings and thoughts of others in caring ways. Powerful girls feel good about themselves and grow up with a “can-do” attitude. Of course, strong girls may (like all of us) have times of insecurity and self-doubt, but these feelings aren’t paralyzing because the girls have learned to work through their problems. Powerful girls will grow up to lead full, valuable lives.

Here are some of our experts’ ideas to help you raise powerful daughters.

Encourage your daughter to pursue a passion.   “Full engagement with an activity she loves will give her the opportunity to master challenges, which will boost her self-esteem and resilience and affirm intrinsic values rather than appearance,” says Rachel Simmons, author of Odd Girl Out. “Having a passion lets her go shoot baskets or play an instrument, for example, instead of being swept up in online drama.”
Let her have a voice in making decisions.   “Whenever possible, let her make constructive choices about her life. Let her choose her own clothes, within appropriate limits. Give her a voice in what after-school activities she participates in and how many she wants to do (as long as it works for the rest of the family, too). Remember that knowing what she cares about most will come from trying some things and finding she doesn’t like them, as well as from finding things she loves to do,” recommends Jane Katch, Ed.D., author of They Don’t Like Me.Your daughter might need to make a commitment for a short time for an activity (one soccer season) but when that’s over, it’s okay to try something different!”
Identify the values most important to your family.   “Consider the ways you convey these values, especially by example. What are the moments in your daily life when you can model the values you want your daughter to learn?” asks Simmons. “What traits and strengths do you want your daughter to develop as she grows?” asks Meg White, M.A. “See if these qualities are reflected in how you parent.”

Encourage her to solve issues on her own rather than fixing things for her.   “When parents take over, girls don’t develop the coping skills they need to handle situations on their own. Ask your daughter to consider three strategies she might use to deal with a situation, and then ask her about the possible outcomes. Let her decide what she wants to do (within reason). Even if you disagree with her choice, you give your daughter a sense of control over her life and show her that she is responsible for her decisions,” says Simmons.

Encourage her to take physical risks.   “Girls who avoid risks have poorer self-esteem than girls who can and do face challenges,” says JoAnn Deak, Ph.D., author of Girls Will Be Girls. “Urge your daughter to go beyond her comfort zone — for example, encourage a girl who’s scared to ride her bike downhill to find just a small hill to conquer first.” Catherine Steiner-Adair, Ed.D., co-author of Full of Ourselves: A Wellness Program to Advance Girl Power, Health and Leadership, agrees. “It’s important to help even non-athletic girls develop some physical competence and confidence when they’re young. Whether it’s through team or individual sports, girls need to form a physical relationship with their body that builds confidence.”

Get girls working together.   “Girls who work cooperatively in school or who problem-solve together do much better in taking large risks or facing challenges. These girls report an incredible sense of accomplishment and feeling of competence, both of which give a huge boost to self-esteem,” says Deak. “Encourage your daughter to participate in team-building activities or join organizations that rely on teamwork.”

Let your daughter know you love her because of who she is, not because of what she weighs or how she looks.   “Encourage your girl to eat in healthy ways, but don’t over-obsess over what she eats. Listen to her opinions (about food, and other things) and show appreciation for her uniqueness, to help her develop herself into the person she wants to be,” says Steiner-Adair. “Comment on the way she carries herself into a room or the ideas she is expressing before commenting on her looks. She needs you to know her insides and validate the developing person within, as well as noticing her emerging young womanhood,” adds White.

Allow her to disagree with you and get angry.   “Raising a powerful girl means living with one. She must be able to stand up to you and be heard, so she can learn to do the same with classmates, teachers, a boyfriend, or future bosses,” says White. Lyn Mikel Brown, Ed.D., and Sharon Lamb, Ed.D., co-authors of Packaging Girlhood, write, “Girls need guidance about how to stay clear in their disagreements, and they need support for not giving up their convictions to maintain a false harmony. Help girls to make considered choices about how to express their feelings, and to whom.” Steiner-Adair notes that “Not all girls will want to do this, especially shy girls, but you can still help them develop the skills.”

Address girl fighting when you see it.   “Talk with girls about relational violence (such as gossip, rumor-spreading and exclusion) as well as physical violence (hitting or fighting). But don’t assume all girls are mean, and avoid saying ‘girls will be girls’ when you witness girls engaging in exclusive cliques and clubs. Instead, affirm girls’ relational strengths and sense of fairness, help them identify and hold on to their strong feelings, like anger, and encourage them to practice more direct, positive ways to effect change in their relationships,” says Brown.

Make regular time to listen to your girl.   “By creating consistent, predictable times when she knows that you are receptive and available to listen — like riding in a car, taking a walk, or just sitting reading — you will eventually be let into her inner world. Let her use you as a sounding board to sort out what she is going through, without solving problems for her. The answers that come from within her are the ones she will eventually live by,” says White.

Listen more than you talk.       “When we talk to girls, they often experience it as us talking at them, and they not only stop listening, they stop thinking and reflecting. But when we listen to them, they have to think about what they are saying, and they tend to reflect more. And we need to keep an open dialogue — we can’t dismiss their chatter about ups and downs of friendship as trivial, and then expect them to talk to us about the important stuff,” says Lawrence Cohen, Ph.D., co-author of Mom, They’re Teasing Me.

Limit your daughter’s exposure to the media and popular culture when she is young.   “This will give her more time to develop her own ideas, creativity, and imagination from her direct first-hand experience. As she grows, media messages will start to get in, so having rules and routines from the start can help your daughter control her own experiences as she gets older,” says Diane Levin, Ph.D, author of So Sexy So Soon.

Help her process the messages in the media.   “Help her avoid the narrow focus on appearance and consumerism that often dominates the media. By helping your daughter process the messages she sees on the screen and develop her own ideas about them, you can prepare her to better resist the media’s pervasive stereotypes,” says Levin. “Help her notice the bigger picture — for example, how looking like her latest teen idol can be fun but also connects her with a lot of other stuff she might not have noticed or thought about. Wonder aloud about more general patterns you see, like how all those little purses hanging from everything might make it seem that all girls, even three-year-olds, are into shopping,” add Brown and Lamb.

Talk with her about the differences between sex in the movies and loving relationships in real life.   “It’s important to talk with your daughter about sex and sexuality in ways appropriate to her age and your values,” says Levin. “As she gets older it becomes increasingly important to help your daughter understand the difference between sexualized images in the media and healthy sexuality. Through give-and-take discussion, you can help her begin to understand the difference between the media’s presentation of sex and sexiness. You can talk about how sex is frequently portrayed without love, intimacy or emotion, or as part of caring relationships. When your daughter is old enough, you can begin to discuss what a mature, healthy, loving relationship — in which sex is a part — is all about.”

Acknowledge her struggles but keep a sense of perspective.   “We have to acknowledge the pain our daughters are experiencing, so they feel heard and accepted and empathized with. But we also need to put it into perspective, to stay calm and listen to what they are experiencing without projecting our own experiences onto theirs. Your daughter is having a different experience than you did, even if there are surface similarities,” says Cohen. “After all, she has something you didn’t have: you.”

Enjoy her!   “Having a powerful girl can be exciting and energizing. Find activities you both enjoy and do them regularly together. Maybe you both like cooking or having breakfast together, hiking or reading books,” says Katch. “Try to keep this connection as she gets older — if times ever get tough, you’ll appreciate this special bond you share!”

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Written By: Glenn Loft